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ClamCase + Power for iPad Pro 9.7 NEW!

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  • ClamCase + Power

    for iPad Pro 9.7

    Lead +he Charge

    Engineered to fuel the devices you depend on, ClamCase+ Power
    includes a seamlessly integrated 6000 mAh battery bank. That's
    enough power to charge your iPhone 7 up to 2 and half times.

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  • ClamCase + Power

    for iPad Pro 9.7

    Simply Radian+

    We designed ClamCase+ Power's backlit keyboard with three
    adjustable LED levels, so the brightness is just right whenever,
    or wherever, you're using iPad Pro.

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  • ClamCase + Power

    for iPad Pro 9.7

    To+al Axis

    Our one of a kind smart hinge is designed for full 360-degree rotation.
    Open your ClamCase+Power to laptop mode or flip it all the around
    into tablet mode to make the most of your iPad.

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  • ClamCase + Power

    for iPad Pro 9.7

    Comple+e Defense

    Sophistication meets defense with the slim, high-density polycarbonate shell.
    Made to last, ClamCase+ Power delivers the high functionality of both a
    keyboard and protective covering.

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  • ClamCase + Power

    for iPad Pro 9.7

    Smar+ Sleep

    Intelligent internals automate iPad Pro's sleep and wake functions.
    When closed, your iPad will go into sleep mode and when opened
    back up, boot up, extending your battery life.

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Clamcase+ Power for iPad Pro 9.7

More Power. More Protection. More Productivity. The ClamCase+ Power for the iPad Pro delivers top tier defense and versatile functionality while achieving a sleek, modern design. The built in 6000 mAh battery reserve seamlessly charges an iPhone 7 up to 2 and half times, reducing valuable outlet space and giving you untethered freedom to work from anywhere. Open your ClamCase+ Power and elevate your efficiency by typing on the LED backlit keyboard then flipping it 360° to make the most out of tablet mode. Whether you're taking notes at a board meeting or swiping through spotify on the train, the ClamCase+ Power transcends the keyboard case norm. You'll never go anywhere without it.
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Tech Specs

  • Height: .75
  • Length: 9.74
  • Weight: 1.5

ClamCase + Power for iPad Pro 9.7

Model Number: IPD-326

Works with: iPad Pro 9.7

Color Options: Black

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0 Technology

Backlit: LED-Backlit Keyboard

Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery: 6000mAh

Power Input: 5V/Max 2.4A

Power Output: 5V/Max 2.4A

What's in the box?

  • ClamCase+ Power
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Startup Guide

6000mAh Battery Bank

Capable of charging your iPhone 7 up to 2.5x


Quickly and easily power on/off keyboard with manual power switch.


The battery LED indication lights provide information on charging status and battery life. The pairing LED light provides pairing activation.

Battery Life

The lithium-ion battery and Bluetooth® 3.0 chip allows for weeks of use on one single charge.


  • Spacious island style keyboard
  • Polycarbonate enclosure
  • Patented hinge with infinite viewing angles
  • iPad wakes and sleeps automatically
  • Easily insert and remove iPad
  • Bluetooth® auto pair
  • Auto on/off keyboard

Battery & Power

Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery

120 hours uninterrupted in use time with backlit on.

1000 hours uninterrupted in use time with back-lit off

2 months standby time

180 minutes for full charge

Battery indicator displays remaining battery life

Special Keys

Special function keys provide one-touch access to a variety of features you use most often.

  • Home
  • Lock
  • Language
  • Search
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Media controls
  • Siri
  • Volume Controls
  • Caps Lock


Broadcom® BCM20730 chip with advanced Bluetooth® 3.0 technology.

Single-chip Bluetooth® device with fully integrated Human Interface Device (HID) profile and full Bluetooth® stack.

Fully compliant with version 3.0 Bluetooth® specifications that include adaptive frequency hopping and quick connection.

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

Non-operating temperature: -4° to 131° F (-20° to 55° C

Relative humidity: 5% to 90% noncondensing

4 Customer Reviews

  • Review by Clydeen Cadwell on 12/9/2016

    Love the ClamCase, although customer service is nonexistent. Haven't been able to reach them at all after I received 4 ClamCase's, instead of 1..

  • Review by Brad H on 10/30/2016

    It is a good case. All the 4 spots for speakers are there for the iPad pro. The plus is the power bank. There is a minor flaw with the design with the volume control keys. When ever I moved the case the volume would be either pushed high or low. So, as a quick fix I had to remove the buttons on the case to stop this. Hopefully this is just my product.

  • Review by Will B on 10/23/2016

    I have recently purchased this clamcase pro + power for the ipad 9.7". I had another clamcase pro before, and it was awesome, and it was for my ipad 2, so it's been quite a few years. I purchased this version because of the great extra battery power feature with a simple plug-in. Honestly have yet to use it (had it about 1.5 weeks), but I can imagine that it will definitely come in handy.

    This case is an awesome case and would recommend it to anyone I know. However, with spending the top of the line money for a top of the line product, I have two suggestions to make this even better. 1. Remove the hinge "slot" feature, and go back to the way you had the hinge developed for the Clamcase Pro. That model had the ability to move the angle to whichever you wanted and held it. This new one hits the slot and throws itself into it, and if it's on your lap, you better hold on to it because it may tip over. Second thing I would recommend to make this product even better would be relocating the rubber stubs on the bottom left and right of the keyboard. These are of course vital in keeping the space between the face of the ipad and keyboard, but if you are typing for a while, those nubs begin to dig into your wrists a bit. I do use my ipad probably more than most to type, so for a normal user you won't even notice. I also really like the design of the new texture in the case, and it has a little more grip to it than the last version of the clamcase pro.

    To sum this up, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality bluetooth keyboard with a case/laptop enclosure. The comments and feedback I provided above are simply as positive and product enhancing type of feedback for the developers. I paid the full price for the pro+ power for the 9,7" ipad pro, and am in no way affiliated with the company. This is just another business owner helping another business out to enhance their product lines. Enjoy your clamcase everyone! It really is worth every penny

  • Review by Charlie on 10/8/2016

    Finally the right color and finish for the case itself. The battery pack is a great idea. Though, it does add a bit of weight. The battery-less Clamcases are noticeably lighter. So, give careful thought to the idea of lugging those added ounces--they add up. My only complaint is the black finish on the hinge. In the space of about two weeks, it has begun to wear off, revealing an underlying silver color.

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Clamcase+ Power for iPad Pro 9.7

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What our customers say


Everything about the ClamCase+ feels thoughtful and elegant. The new metal lower case feels solid and looks professional. The plastic is so perfectly matched to the metal it doesn't look or feel like plastic. It looks and feels like the whole case is of a single material and unified construction. The old sharp edges have been replaced by beautiful curves that look great and feel smooth to the touch. It looks fantastic open or closed. The new cutouts provide better and smarter access to ports. The keyboard feels even better than the old one, like a full laptop keyboard...


I purchased the ClamCase+ for iPad Air 2 with the backlit keys to help me be more effecient when traveling. This keyboard case is phenomenal. It is lightweight compared to its competitors, the keys are responsive and the ability to use the case as a stand for consuming content, is second to none. Although the case is relatively expensive compared to others in this segment, it is an excellent product that I recommend for others that need similar mobile solutions..